Freezer friendly recipes

Lentils and pulses freeze well so if you have a freezer you can cook 3-4 different gravies using the menu plans. These plan will have similar spices and methods but each gravy or dal will taste different. Make them in the weekend and freeze them. Use them for your dinner during week days. You could double the recipe to save time.
Keep these handy in your freezer-
1. Frozen grated coconut
2. Tomato-Onion Masala
3. Frozen Whole Green chilli (Washed and dried, stalk removed and frozen, you can cut them as per recipe when cooking)
4. Frozen finely chopped Ginger and Garlic paste
5. Frozen fenugreek/ methi leaves, spinach, coriander leaves and mint leaves

Menu plan 1- Dal maharani, Dal makhani, Rajma paalak,Tomato peas kurma
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 Freezer friendly indian recipes

Menu plan 2-

Moongdal saarupkari

Beet root dal,
Spring onion varan,
Carrot rasam,
Ridge gourd dal,
Moongdal saarupkari,

Menu plan 3-

Kerala Avial,
Mysore Sihi kootu ,
Konkani Gajbaje
Raw jackfruit and kala chana Ghashi

Menu plan 4-
Green peas hara masala,
Rajma malai matar,
Rajma chaawal

Menu plan 5-
Mung beans usal,
Dal fry,
Paneer Bhurjee

Menu plan 6-
Bangalore Masala puri,
Choley pindiwala,
Palak gravy for paneer or alu

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