Breakfast/ Snacks/ Dessert

Cooking in dorm room is possible. Even if you have never cooked earlier - you will be able to fix your own meals too. All you need are a few essentials like portable cooking equipment (mini rice cooker, toaster with grill or a microwave), some spoons, plates and few grocery items. Check out these easy to cook recipes which I have been cooking since many years.
I hope you will find inspiration in some of these and include them in your daily menu.

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1. Breakfast recipes

These breakfasts are ideal for days when you have to rush to college or work. You need not skip your  breakfast just because you don't have time to make it. With the instant mixes that you have stored in your cupboard you can prepare them with a swish of your wand!  :) (Rice cooker or the microwave cooks it for you when you are getting ready)

Savory instant porridge
Chocolate oatmeal
Cantaloupe riceflake cereal

2. Snack / Dessert recipes
These are great to reach for in-between meals, brunch or when you are trying to pull off an all-nighter. Cakes and other sweets are for anyone who feels like experimenting in free time.

Za'atar pizza or sandwich
Za'atar pizza or
sandwich in rice cooker or toaster

Cucumber pomegranate 
in yoghurt dressing(raita)
Cucumber pomegranate
in yoghurt dressing

Crunchy Indian cucumber salad (Koshambir)
Crunchy Indian
cucumber salad

Fruits in thickened milk/basundi-quick dessert
 Fruits in thickened milk 
(basundi)-quick dessert

 Microwave / Rice-Cooker   Chocolate  cake


  1. Its really nice of you to start a blog like this,helping people with no prior experience to learn cooking in a simple and easy manner.....thanks

  2. Thank you for telling me that it is useful to you. Sorry for the late reply, I somehow missed seeing this comment.


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