Free printable LABELS

Remembering your favorite recipes using instant mix is easier now.


I hope you will find inspiration in some of these and include them in your daily menu.
Print them out and stick them on the instant mix jars.

You can print them in 2 formats- single or 4 recipes in 1 page.
Although I have shortened the recipes the instructions are precise and clear. Hope you like them :)     
I will be giving you other recipe labels in another week.


I always believe that planning your weekly meals and organizing your pantry with labelled jars will help you to plan your meals wisely. You will be well aware of which ingredients you will have to keep in stock, that week.

I have come across this weekly meal planner which does exactly what its title suggests: it helps you plan out your weekly meals. You can download this as PDF and printed out on self-adhesive or regular paper. Do check into the other products, you might find them useful too.

Check the freebie printables here: 



You can use it to write down complete recipes (copy the recipes from my recipe lables, they are shortened form of my recipes) for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or only meal names, if there’s not enough space to describe the food preparation process.  You can even list the names of your friends or family members in each breakfast/lunch/dinner slot, according to who’s in charge of preparing which meal. Print out more copies for every week of the month and apply it to your fridge/ cupboard for easy viewing and organization.

Breakfast (oats, riceflakes, tapioca pearls)

Dal and Kadhi

Tomato dal/ daali thoay 
Chocolate oatmeal
Beaten rice and fruit cereal
Papad kadhi 

 Oat wheat moong porridge

Spiced tapioca /sabudana kitchdee

Plain dal

Instant Poha


  1. Can this be cooked in a rice cooker? or in a pan?

  2. Though these recipes are rice cooker friendly, they can be cooked in any appliance especially when you need to cook something in a short time or when you do not know much cooking.


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