Lunch / Dinner

    Cooking in dorm room is possible. Even if you have never cooked earlier - you will be able to fix your own meals too. All you need are a few essentials like portable cooking equipment (mini rice cooker, toaster with grill or a microwave), some spoons, plates and few grocery items. Check out these easy to cook recipes which I have been cooking since many years.

    I hope you will find inspiration in some of these and include them in your daily menu.
    I have divided into various sections such as-
    Salads and sandwich fillings, 
    Waffles, Poha, Pongal/kitchdee, Upma, Idli
    Dal and Kadhi for rice and bread, 
    One dish meal, 
    Soup and shorba
    Side dish for roti and bread
     click on the titles or pictures to see the recipes

    Lunch recipes
    Some of these lunch recipes can be fixed even without cooking. Also, these can be cooked in the same non-stick rice cooker pan  in which you have cooked the breakfast . Just wipe it
    with a paper towel and you are ready to continue with lunch preparation.

    Salads and sandwich fillings

    Tropical fruit and veggie sandwich
    Tropical fruit-n-veggie
    salad /sandwich

    Crunchy Indian cucumber salad (Koshambir)
    Crunchy Indian
    cucumber salad

    Red Cabbage Salad or Sandwich
    Red Cabbage Salad
    or Sandwich
    Cucumber cream cheese

    Za'atar pizza or sandwich
    Za'atar pizza/pepper toast

    Instant minty potato toast- 
Pudinawale alu toast
    Instant minty potato
    Pudinawale alu toast

     Waffles, Poha, Pongal/kitchdee, Upma, Idli

    Instant veggie poha-Beaten rice with veggies
    Instant veggie poha-
    Beaten rice with

    Wheat oat moong porridge
    Instant Wheat oat
    moong porridge
    Instant semolina idli-
Rava idli
    Instant semolina
    savory steamed cakes-
    Rava idli

    Batata poha-Beaten rice with potato
    Batata poha-
    Beaten rice
    with potato

    Whole wheat banana triangles 
or aebelskiver/pancakes
    Whole wheat banana
     aebelskiver/ pancakes


    Dinner recipes
    These are good when eaten warm and can be prepared in few minutes. You may have to plan a bit and buy few things such as bread, frozen vegetables,yoghurt,eggs on the way back to your dorm kitchen.

    Dal and Kadhi for rice and bread

    Goad varan/ Plain dal
    Instant Goad varan/
    Plain dal/tovve

    Dal fry and Dal methi
    Instant Dal fry ,
     Dal methi &
    Dal hariyali

    Tomato dal or Daali thoay
    Tomato dal
    or Daali thoay

    One dish meal

    Cucumber carrot semolina pancakes
    Cucumber carrot
    semolina pancakes

    Rice cooker Noodles and grilled noodles paratha
    Rice cooker Noodles &
     grilled noodles paratha

    Instant Dal dhokli
    Gujarati daal &
    Instant Dal dhokli

    Sambhar Saadam-Spicy sambhar rice
    Sambhar Saadam-
    Spicy sambhar rice

    Fried rice
    Fried rice

    Cabbage peas rice- Ele kosu bataaNi bhath
    Cabbage peas rice-
    Ele kosu bataaNi bhath

    Purple pasta-Pasta with red cabbage
    Purple pasta-with red

    Bisibele Bhath (aromatic dal-rice-medley)
    Instant Bisibele Bhath
     (dal-rice medley)

    Shahi egg biryani
    Shahi egg biryani

    Doodhi paratha- Calabash roti
    Doodhi paratha-
     Calabash roti

    Instant Methi thepla- Gujarati spiced fenugreek roti
    Instant Thepla-
    Gujarati spiced roti

    Soup and shorba

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