Dorm Menu Plans

Don't have a refrigerator ... No Problem. Wrap your meal plans around the vegetable, fruit, or any perishable food items you have. You can also print the free meal planner in PDF form from from the food packing labels. I have given it's link at the end of this page.

  • Most of the uncut fresh vegetables, fruits and eggs stay well at room temperature for 2-3 days covered with a cloth. 
  • Tomatoes, Cabbage and most of the winter vegetables stay upto 1 week. 
  • Potatoes, Onions, unpeeled garlic have a longer shelf life. 
  • Buy small packet of frozen vegetable use them immediately in your meals or you can boil/stir-fry them and keep aside for 2-3 hrs and then use them in your recipes.
  • Use sachets tomato sauce, soy sauce, mustard, eno fruit salt etc instead of bottles. 
  • Buy small sized tetra paks of milk, buttermilk, yoghurt, coconut milk, tomato puree and small bottle of mayonnaise.
  • Stock up cupboard with your favorite homemade instant mix jars, sugar, salt, tea or tea bags, coffee, drinking chocolate, small bottle of cooking oil, ghee (clarified butter), pickles, chutney powder. 

 1. Oat Wheat Moong Porridge and Yoghurt
 2. Savory Semolina Steamed Cakes (Rava Idly) with chutney powder
 3. Cucumber carrot semolina pancakes
 4. Gajar methi matar- carrots with fenugreek leaves and green peas

1. Tropical Fruit and Veggie Sandwich
2. Cabbage peanut masala stir-fry with roti, bread or tortilla
1. Beaten Rice With Potato (Batata Poha) with sev (bhujia)
2. Indori Poha with sev (bhujia)
3. Red Cabbage Salad or Sandwich
4. Spiced Tapioca (sabudana kitchdee) and Yoghurt
5. Spicy Indian mashed potato or potato soup with Cumin rice/ Bread 
6. Flower batetanu shak- Cauliflower and potatoes (Gujarati way)  with bread or roti
7. Masaledar sookhe alu - spice coated potatoes with bread or roti
8. Instant Potato patty with instant beaten rice mix or red cabbage

Frozen mix vegetables
1. Beaten Rice with vegetables (Poha) with sev (bhujia)
2. Spiced Tapioca (sabudana kitchdee) with Yoghurt
3. Bisibele Bhath (aromatic dal-rice-medley) with Yoghurt /Onion-tomato-cucumber raita
4. Rice cooker Noodles and grilled noodles paratha 

Fresh or frozen fruits
1. Fruit Rice cereal with cantaloupe/ mango/ banana
2. Tropical Salsa (Salad or taco filling) with pineapple/ mango/ cantaloupe/ pomegranate
3. Indori Poha with pomegranate
4. Chocolate Oatmeal with banana/ strawberry
5. Crunchy Indian cucumber salad (Koshambir) with Rice and dal, bread or tacos
6. Cucumber pomegranate in yoghurt dressing (raita) as a snack or with cream crackers
7. Tropical Fruit and Veggie Sandwich with cantaloupe, papaya
8. Apple with nuts and berries with red and green apples
9. Oat Crusted Apple filled French toast (veg or with egg)
10. Fruit dal dhokli with pineapple, apple, grapes
11. Basundi (pureed fruits in sweetened milk) with strawberry, custard apple, mango, orange, lychee
12. Whole wheat banana toaster triangles or aebelskiver or pancakes

1.Beetroot stir-fry with ginger with bread or Indian flat breads

1. Cucumber cream cheese sandwich
2. Red Cabbage Salad or Sandwich 
3. Za'atar pizza or sandwich
4. Cucumber carrot semolina pancakes 
5. Crunchy Indian cucumber salad (Koshambir) with Rice and dal, bread or tacos

Frozen leafy vegetables
1. Oat Wheat Moong Porridge with spinach with Yoghurt
2. Savory Semolina Steamed Cakes (Rava Idly) with spinach with Chutney powder
3. Dal with spinach or fenugreek leaves with Rice, Roti or Bread
4. Instant Methi thepla- Gujarati spiced fenugreek roti

Frozen sweet/American corn
1. Velvety tomato corn 
2. Makai Shimla Mirchi -Bellpepper Corn Peanut masala  with Indian rotis or as tortilla roll ups or sandwich filling with or without cheese.

Fresh or Frozen beans or green peas
1. French beans stir-fry with chickpea/ peanut masala or with cuba beans/ flat beans with rice, dal
2. Tropical Fruit and Veggie Sandwich
3. French beans and green pea stir-fry with bishop's weed - 2 ways
(tempering is difficult in rice cooker. Instead of masala powders and tempering ingredients you can add chickpea or peanut stir-fry powder. Add this after the vegetables are stir-fried).
4. Cabbage and green peas rice  
5. Gajar methi matar- carrots with fenugreek leaves and green peas

1. Cucumber cream cheese sandwich
2. Tropical Salsa (Salad or taco filling)

1. Velvety tomato corn / pasta /tortilla soup with bread
2. Tomato dal with rice
3. Dal Fry/ Dal with green vegetables  with Cumin (jeera) rice, roti, bread
4. Za'atar pizza or sandwich
5. Boiling eggs in rice cooker and Egg  Masala with bread
6. Spicy Indian mashed potato or potato soup with Cumin rice/ bread/ roti 
7.Udupi bread masala (complete meal or snack)

Bell pepper/ Capsicum any color
1. Makai Mirchi -Bellpepper Corn Peanut masala with Indian rotis or as tortilla roll up/ sandwich 
2. Bisibele Bhath (aromatic dal-rice-medley) with Yoghurt / Onion-tomato-cucumber raita
3. Bellpepper stirfry with tomatoes and peas /potato -dry or gravy- with rice or roti

Other vegetables
1. Crispy Ivy gourd / Sookhi Tendli with rice and dal
2. Okra with instant stir-fry masala / Bharli Bhindi with rice,various dal, kadhi, egg curry, indian breads
3. Pumpkin with nuts and seeds -Nagpuri style 
4. Ridge gourd stirfry with peas /potatoes/ carrots/tomatoes 
5. Cauliflower/eggplant(brinjal)  stirfry with peas /potatoes/ carrots/tomatoes 

1. Boiling eggs and Egg / Paneer/ tofu Masala
2. Microwave/ rice cooker chocolate cake (plain or with coffee or orange flavor)
3. Soft Scrambled eggs
4. Chocolate Bread Pudding  
5. Shahi egg biryani

I have come across this weekly meal planner which does exactly what its title suggests: it helps you plan out your weekly meals. You can download this as PDF and printed out on self-adhesive or regular paper. Do check into the other products, you might find them useful too. 


Check the freebie printables here:

You can use it to write down complete recipes (copy the recipes from my recipe lables, they are shortened form of my recipes) for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or only meal names, if there’s not enough space to describe the food preparation process.  You can even list the names of your friends or family members in each breakfast/lunch/dinner slot, according to who’s in charge of preparing which meal. Print out more copies for every week of the month and apply it to your fridge/ cupboard for easy viewing and organization.

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