Cooking for Beginners

This section will contain an alternative easy cooking method with step-by-step pictures for all the basic food. 
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1. Roasting nuts in microwave 

2. Roasting nuts in rice cooker

3. Drying herbs and green chilli in microwave

4. Frying vegetables in electric rice cooker

5. Pancakes in electric rice cooker 

6. Cooking pasta in electric rice cooker

7. Boiling eggs in rice cooker, Scrambled Eggs on toast, Sunny side up...etc.

8. Toasting bread in a rice cooker

9. Boiling milk, tea, coffee and other beverages

10. Cooking Rice in rice cooker, both versions-1. Steamed rice with separate grains and 2. Soft rice

11. How to fry cauliflower in electric rice cooker and gobi fry

 12. Roasting papads in microwave

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