Masaledar sookhe alu - spice coated potatoes

If you have prepared the Chole masala then making this is a breeze.I had shared the recipe in an earlier post. Go a ahead and make this and do write to me if you have any doubts. There are many more ways of making this. Just change the masala with chutney pd, mint chutney.

Masaledar sookhe alu recipe


Wash the small potatoes well.
Heat water in the rice cooker vessel and add the potatoes and cover and cook for about 10-15 mins.
You need not cook them completely. Cool them by pouring cold water or just leave them to cool.
Peel these potatoes. Wipe the rice cooker vessel.
Pour 1 tbsp oil in the dried rice cooker vessel .Transfer the peeled potatoes into it and cover it with it’ s lid.
Press the ‘cook’ button. Allow the potatoes to turn golden. Keep stirring the potatoes in between for even browning.
Sprinkle chole masala and salt. Stir well till each of these potatoes are nicely coated with the masala.
You can eat these potatoes as a snack or make a meal out of it by stuffing it between slices of bread or wrapped in rotis.

You can cook these potatoes in pressure cooker (but switch off before the first whistle or you will have mashed potatoes) or a sauce pan too.
If you are planning to make an entire meal use this quick cooking item to save time.

The above plate contains chick pea gravy, radish stuffed paratha with yoghurt on top, puranpoli (obbattu- sweet stuffed roti) along with our masaledar alu.

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