Boiling milk in rice cooker and Fruit basundi ( quick dessert of fruits in thick low fat milk)

Boiling milk in rice cooker with or without lid can be an unforgettable experience if left unattended. The milk will start overflowing after 10 mins and then you will have a hard time cleaning the exterior of the rice cooker and the floor.

 How to boil or heat milk in a rice cooker ?
Pour milk in the rice cooker pan. See that you fill only 3/4 th of the pan. Press the 'cook' button. Don't cover the pan with it's lid. Milk will become hot in 5-10 mins depending on the quantity and how hot you want it. Switch off the rice cooker and use it. Milk will not overflow during this heating time.

When you are cooking something using the above hot milk -
If you want to make oatmeal, coffee, tea, custard, hot chocolate etc add instant oatmeal mix, coffee pd, tea leaves, custard powder, sugar etc to the hot milk and 'cook' further. During this cooking time always keep a wooden spoon with long handle inside this pan. Milk will start boiling and will  tend to overflow. Stirring  with the spoon will prevent the overflow and also the cream formation.
Tip- Wooden spoons tends to absorb the aroma of spices during cooking. Always keep a separate spoon for stirring milk so that your milk will not smell of spices or onion or garlic.

Boiling milk in a rice cooker does not need a special post, so here we will be making strawberry basundi by adding strawberry, sugar into this milk.
Actual basundi is made by stirring the milk over heat for a long time so that it nearly reduces to half. Some prefer to add condensed milk or evaporated milk into this to quicken the process.

Here I will be using milk pd ( instant milk powder or dairy whitener) along with milk and sugar to make it. This basundi will take 15 mins to cook.
You can make many variations by just adding different fruit or nuts. I have given these in the recipe.

Basundi recipe-

Milk- 2 cups
Milk pd (dairy whitener, instant milk pd)- 1 cup
Sugar - 3-5 tbsp
Strawberry (fresh or frozen) - 1 cup


1. Heat 1 cup milk in the rice cooker or non-stick sauce pan. Heat it for 5 mins.

2. Meanwhile take 1 cup milk powder in a bowl and add 1 cup milk (use 1/2 cup milk if using hand held blender and use the other half later while blending the fruit) to it. Mix this with a whisk to form a smooth mixture.

3. When the milk is hot add this (Milk powder + Milk) mixture from step 2 into the hot milk (step 1).
Add sugar. Stir with a wooden spoon and heat it further for 10 mins.
Keep stirring time to time.

4. The milk will thicken by this time.
Switch off the heat and allow the milk to cool.

Strawberry basundi-
Mash 1/2 cup strawberries (frozen or fresh) with a flat bottomed cup or in a mixer or hand held blender (use 1/2 cup milk from the recipe when using hand held blender).
Chop 1/2 cup strawberries (frozen or fresh) to small pieces.
Add both these crushed and chopped strawberries into the cooled milk.
You can eat this at room temperature or chill it in the refrigerator.

Tip- Freezing the strawberries-
Remove the stem and the leaves attached to the strawberries.
Cut and throw any soft portions. Also discard any strawberries with holes, they might contains catterpillars.
Wash them and drain.
Spread on a towel to remove excess water.
Chop into big pieces.
Store them in a box or plastic bag in the freezer.
Use them to make milkshakes, frappe, basundi, muffins, cheese cake etc.
Do not defrost (thaw) the strawberries when using them in recipes.


Mango Basundi- 
1 peeled and cut mango(sweet and with less fiber). Can crush 1/2 of it. Add 2 cardamom (elaichi) powdered (1/4 tsp pd)

Custard apple basundi-
1 custard apple,after deseeding should yield about 1/2 cup pulp. Churn 1/4 cup with milk as you did for strawberry. 

Lychee basundi-
6 lychee, deseed and chop. You can add 1/4 cup lychee juice or grind 1/2 of the lychee.

Kesar badam (pista) basundi-
6 pistachios or almonds chopped, 1/4 tsp saffron (kesar), gently roasted and crushed, 1/4 tsp cardamom pd.

Orange basundi- 
1/4 cup orange segments,chopped, 1/4 cup orange juice

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  1. Great idea of making instant fruit basundi. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes Rani ... this recipe really saves time and energy.


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