Do you plan to buy a sandwich toaster-grill-waffle maker ?

If preparing breakfast or morning snack is always a priority for you then you can buy this Toast, Grill Sandwich and Waffle Maker. With this, you can make sandwiches and bread toasts, sweet and savory waffles, even cookie right in your room in a simpler, healthier and swift way.
Cooking Sunday breakfast for one or at most four is pleasurable task with this compact appliance.

I have a large grill at home but I wanted this handy appliance because it is tiny and efficient. Besides Waffle maker can also be used just like a griddle or an oven to make soft cookies, rotis, stuffed parathas, omelettes, pancakes, dosas, bread and cakes (all in the shape of waffles).They are convenient for single cooking and safer than conventional oven. Keeping it on an inflammable surface with couple of inches of free space on all sides is the only thing to care you should take care.

If you already own a rice cooker then there is no need for you to buy this just to make waffles. You can turn out excellent pancakes out of the waffle batter in your rice cooker. But if you dream of making toasts, sandwiches, Panini then this appliance is wonderful to have around.

Here is the waffle iron I have. Chosing a size or brand is a very personal decision.

                       It has 3 pair of removable plates for toasting, grilling and to make waffles.

Here are some Key Features you should look for while buying them

  •  Size about 1ft, so small that you are able to carry it around while traveling or store in your dorm cupboard.
  • Easy hinged locking, because waffle rise and locking is not done while making them. 
  • Comfortable front handle for carrying it around

  • Suitable for upright storage, saves lot of space in the cupboard
  • Power on and ready neon indicators. Red and green lights indicate when to add batter and when the waffle is done.
  • Easy to clean non-stick removable toast, grill & waffle plate. Its non-stick plates help you consume less oil and easy to clean.
  • The toaster and waffle plates divided into 2 halves, so you can make 2 sandwiches or waffles at a time.

Cleaning and Maintenance is very easy-
Once you have finished baking, remove plug from electrical outlet.

Leave the top lid open so plates begin to cool. Remove the plates when cool.

Simply brush crumbs from grooves, and absorb any excess cooking oil by wiping with a
dry cloth or paper towel.

You may clean the grids by wiping with a damp cloth to prevent staining and sticking from
batter or oil build up.

Be certain that the plates have cooled completely before cleaning with a sponge or soapy
water. Other wise the non-stick coating gets damaged. Never use an abrasive cleanser or
harsh pad.

To clean exterior, just wipe with a soft dry cloth.

After you finish cooking, store your maker upright with the cord wrapped securely around base.

Have a look at these food  cooked in using this appliance-
1. Oat crusted apple stuffed French toasts

2. Triangular wheat and banana INSTANT pancake

3. Za'atar sandwich/pizza

 4. Instant minty potato toast (Pudinewale alu toast)

5. Instant Methi thepla- Gujarati spiced fenugreek roti

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You can cook these in rice cooker too.

Easy Kolhapuri masala -Kaanda lasun masala
This masala is used to prepare various gravies and in stir-fry's.

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