Can a Rice Cooker cook anything other than rice ?

Friends keep asking me how I manage to cook when we travel and also how do we manage to cook in a small rice cooker for a family of four? Cooking in a dorm room or while traveling involves planning since cooking time, number of cooking utensils, serving dishes, availability of fresh food and managing them, the weight of luggage are some of the things to be considered.

In the above pictures you can see 2 types of electric rice cookers-

The one on your right is a small one with aluminium pan of 2 cup capacity. It does not come with a steamer. We bought an extra pan from the same company to make cooking easier. It is handy when you travel.
Second rice cooker to your left has a non-stick pan of 3-cup capacity (so no need to buy a spare pan) and a steamer. This is ideal for dorm cooking or as an accompaniment to other appliances in your kitchen.

There are more meals out there to be made in a rice cooker than you would think! Here are a few that I tried out myself: soups, coffee, tea, boiling milk, porridge, custard, carrot halwa, upma, vermicelli pulav, soups, kadhi, sambhar, dal fry, vegetable stir-fry, scrambled eggs, mac n cheese, noodles, various flavoured rice like pulav, lemon rice and lots more!
NOTE: All credits for the picture goes to Kenwood limited, no copyright infringement or brand advertising intended.

Rice cookers come in various features

A few desirable features you have to check when you buy-

  • a 0.6 litre (3 cup) capacity (if you are cooking for 1 or 2 persons using instant mixes)
    • a easy to clean non-stick inner pot, with which you can cook or fry as required.
      • a glass lid for viewing during use.
      • a steaming basket with which you can steam- idlis, vegetables and a variety of other food. It also can be used as an colander.
        • insulated handles so you never have to worry about burning yourself.
          • a measuring cup don't discard this. Always use this while measuring rice and water, if you add rice in excess it might overflow.

          The rice cooker is not only convenient but it is also a safe item to use. It may get a little hot about the sides and bottom, but that's about it.Keep a newspaper or a cloth below the cooker to keep if there is any spills. A rice cooker only generates water vapor when in use, and usually you can get away with it even in an enclosed room or you can keep it near a window. It is light in weight to carry around.


          HAPPY COOKING!

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          1. As for me, rice cookers were made for rice only. All the other types of food is multicookers work, it can do absolutely everything. I use Redmond 4502 for a long time and I wannna to say that it woth your money

          2. Could you please tell me the brand of the smaller rice cooker (not the Kenw**d one), because I can't read the name. I'm living in Germany and it's very difficult to buy suitcase friendly rice cookers here :(

            1. The smaller one is from National. It's 0.750L capacity.

          3. I was wondering if we can put a small steel vessel inside the vessel provided with the rice cooker? I am planning to bake a cake in my new rice cooker, but as the vessel is too big, am planning to put another vessel. Do you think it'd work out?

            1. Yes you can steam the cake. put water in the pan and keep small cups in the perforated pan.Please check the chocolate cake recipe.

          4. Potato can be fried in rice cooker?

            1. Yes you can fry them but not deep fry.Please check the batata poha recipe.


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